April, 4 1990 - January, 5 2005

To the grumpiest and cutest poodle...ever.



bout de chou gardien de son joujou


When I arrived, there was a dog who was continually making a weird noise..something like GRRrrrrr...

As a courageous highlander, I investigated and I discovered the grumpy dog of the family.

A middle sized poodle

Fanzie was born on April, 4th, 1990.

The Fanz'

He thinks he is the owner of my mistress...well, he is older than I am!


He often acts in a weird way as he always needs to have something to carry!!!

But he gets the news..

Time for economic topics

He must have been a postman in a past life ......I should investigate!!!

Anyway, he really thinks that he rules the place!!

I'm the king of the place

Despite all his manners, he also loves to have room in a sunbeam

A piece of sunbeam..please!

But he would always prefer being with Ondine alone...

She's mine!

But remember..NEVER touch to HIS toys!!!

ok, this is MY toy!

This summer is SO hot again.....a nap is always welcome!

Nap nap nap....

Quisoris My horse brother


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