des Chardons du Perche


13/02/99 - 06/01/11

    bienvenue chez moi!!!   

I lead my life as a true Highlander would have. I fought and won so many battles that my mom had come to believe I was invincible.

But on January, 6 2011, I fell asleep in her arms as I thought it was time for me to finally rest...

...I had lead a full and happy life.

I have now joined Quisoris and Nuage at the Rainbow Bridge and I visit the Moors of Rannoch (to whom I owe my name) in the Highlands. I am young again and I can chase who I want, eat what I want and play as much as I want.

Thanks to my firend Scott Dearge for this wonderful video he made for me.

I thank this friend of my Mom who saved a tree in a memory, it is a Birch, in Sweden.



Scottie at the manger from Mary Lou!!    


Cledwyn du moulin de Mac Gregor

Cledwyn little Cledwyn "I've been good" from Mary Lou! Welcome to my place


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In memory of Quisoris, Nuage and Fanzie who have left us

Nuage Quisoris left for the RB on November, 27 2004 Fanzie left fot he RB on January, 5 2005

                     They will always be in our hearts, we'll love them forever.          

  Almost an Angel...from Mary Lou  


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