Suncatcher   Scottie hanger Book on scotties collectibles

Scottie swirly sphere       Scottie swirly sphere         Scottish style mailbox  

  Xmas ornament, gift from Diana!!           Key chain agatha Bandana made for Prannoch Book on scotties collectibles      Gift from Clan Mackintosh,  byt Linus, Toffee and Hazel A postcard from Laura!!! Ornement de Noël Ornement de Noël

Scottish weathervane   

comb         From Ohio....!!!!!     Story with a scotty and Nessie Prannoch shows the way!!! Scottish style mailbox Scottie swirly sphere

   Plush toy : Mac Dubh Mc Tavish, musical plush toy

Calendar 2003, Linus, Toffee and Hazel!!!   

Gift from the Clan Mackintosh..not everlasting but SO yummy!!!! Calendar 2004 from Linus, toffee and Hazel Musical Plush toy ..Angus!




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