March 9, 1997- November, 9 2006

Nuage has left for the Rainbow Bridge, he will always be in our hearts and shall live here forever.


Anne already had a mate when I first arrived in Fontainebleau .....I was really concerned by the sound of his barking!!

That was Nuage, born on March, 9th 1997.

Hi! I'm Nuage

He could go anywhere he wanted to...and was playing with weird toys!

I disagree.;that toy is not too big!

After a few days of mistrust, I understood he was a cat.


it's a hard life.....

Here he is with Fanzie!

He does not like to have his picture taken..weird!!

Here we go for another pic!!!

But he wants to be a webmaster!

I would have a sharpen sense of humor! On reconnaîtra ma griffe! On reconnaîtra ma griffe!

Look at him...getting closer to the computer...

WHO???? ME????

We ahve moved recently and now...there are only the 2 of us together

he does not seem too disturbed about it though....

I'm working on managing my stress!!        Working on stretching now!!! I'm working very hard!!!!

Me neither....we even have naps together now!!!!

yeap, even on the same bed!!!!

He is watching Prannoch very......ahem...

Wait a second doggy!!!

and here comes...Halloween!!!!

the last picture taken of Nuage

will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge Who is the spookiest????


Quisoris My horse brother


Lélia, the labrador Fanzie, the poodle Ondine, la caniche toy   My poodle uncle Régate, la cocker Roxane, the other labrador My cocker aunt My toy poodle aunt



      Fanzie, the poodle     Quisoris 1st scotty