Contrary to some arrogant beliefs coming from scotties non lovers, I'm not the lower to ground dog in the house!!

In our family, there is a toy poodle!!!

Ondine was born on September, 16th 1998



Just like me, Ondine appreciates a lot a comfortable place in the sun..

Please just a little room!!

Well, we get along very well

Why is she so strict..let's have fun!

but be warned..she can turn into an "alien" anytime when she is unhappy!!!

Sometimes, she tries to get my attention...


Playing...with Nuage's toy!!!

but I know how to send her back to HER own toys!!

who does she think she is???!! grosse envie de dormir.... Throw it again!!!!!! Nap nap nap.... Do you know it's a cat toy??!!!


      Quisoris My horse brother


Fanzie, the poodle Lélia, the labrador   My poodle uncle Régate, la cocker Roxane, the other labrador My labrador cousin

At the Rainbow Bridge

Nuage Mon frère chat      Fanzie, the poodle     Quisoris    

Elliot...my 1st scotty