Year 2004

A new year is a good occasion to take new resolutions!!

First of all, I have decided to check if all my toys were here...

Checking my toys    The green duck was missing!!!

I wonder if those plus toys are mine....

What do you think?    Gaidhlig test : Ciamar a tha thu?

Well, let's consider the second resolution.....

Take some spare time for me????!!!

  Lélia is very supportive! Let's enjoy a good movie!

Well.....Anne's gone...let's return to our business!

The sun has arrived early this year...

  Who's walking in MY street???

Auntie Kelly sent me toys from the USA!!!!!! I like to seeing things from the top!

Let's attack Malefoy!!!!!!    

And she cooked for me..only!!!!!!

Ben's Bones?????    that IS yummy!!!!! What a crunchy toy.... Back from the beginning!! What a day.....

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Then a small nap!!! My favorite movie..on the couch and on the labrador!!! Ciamar a tha thu??? Are those yours or mine???? Same thing with the green, are you trying to steal some???? seems like they are..the grey duck is present...well..ok sure they are all here???Are yo


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