YEAR 2006

there does not seem to be a great deal of stress to begin the year with.... last..I see what snow i really like!!!

Hey!! what's  that?!!!  

turning into a snow scot!

BUT....there is something else new!!!!!!???

a puppy called Aldo just arrived at our neighbour's home!!


he looks a little bit like my aunts...

well..I'll try to be nice!!!

you can see other videos on the specific page.. but...OMG...what a behaviour!! he really wants to meet me!!! a new neighbour??? oops...this weird white stuff...not safe!!

After snow...NAP!!

Nap...but still grooming sessions......sigh....poor me!!!

my best feature...   yeah..yeah...I stand still!!!   

I have a new friend...she is a bit..stiff though....

We moved again!!! We are back in Fontainebleau!!

And guess who lives with us now?????!!!

I needed support..I got some!!!

We are in June now.;and the heat is almost unbearable already...!

We finally won the sofa!!!!!

Back from a long walk in the forrest!

Just come back from the hairdresser!

what are you looking at???!!! ain't I an Angel???? at least when I sleep?????



again ..back from the hairdresser!    when will she stop???!!!!

  to keep me warm during our walks!

checking toys' stocks! and...well...she bought me a sweater!!!! I was regal's be sleepy! let's be....regal! I don't want to go back there!!!!please!!!! optimization of space! wonderful position!!! I recommend it! Support de l'écossais:! Prannoch & Selene

See you soon! Prannoch's moral support.... Prannoch & Selene after having redecorated the place.. il en a du toupet!!!! qui veut VRAIMENT me rencontrer!!! un nouveau voisin????!!!!! chose glisse!!!!




Copyright Š 2006. au milieu des joujous!!! surrounded by toys!!