YEAR 2007

I have decided to ...elevate myself!!!



Bed time for Lelia and I...

   With Lelia... between pillows... yeah yeah..I hear you! what do you mean "it is yours"??? the view is nice from here!!!

May 2007

The dog days are here!!

hi there!    wassup?       strange taste    the master of the garden    if someone dares to come in....    no neighbours anymore....great!!!    FReedom!!!!    Lelia is still my buddy!   


well well...we've been waiting for this for a loooong time...haven't we????

such a wonderful book! she wants to be the star...


My baby sister, Cledwyn du Moulin de Mac Gregor has arrived!!!!

life is quite...tough since then actually!!

my new home...    what's this thing in her hands??

so, this is what is called a fridge!    with my little tyre     but.;he was eating there!!!!     little walk under my brother's responsibility

exploration is quite tiring!!!   

  au jardin éreintante vie que celle d'exploratrice!   

with ther big brother   

and Cledwyn is wide awake really early in the morning....

just as Prannoch prefers to keep the night going on his armchair!


Look at my baby sister!!

isn't she growing up?

teaching her how to patrol! to be totally wet at the end of the patrol... ah, ces jeunes.... oui, m'man?! c'est MON poulet!

youth..... yeap mum???

checking toys' stocks! and...well...she bought me a sweater!!!! I was regal's be sleepy! let's be....regal! I don't want to go back there!!!!please!!!! optimization of space! wonderful position!!! I recommend it! Support de l'écossais:! Prannoch & Selene

See you soon! Prannoch's moral support.... Prannoch & Selene after having redecorated the place.. il en a du toupet!!!! qui veut VRAIMENT me rencontrer!!! un nouveau voisin????!!!!! chose glisse!!!!




Copyright Š 2007. au milieu des joujous!!! surrounded by toys!!