YEAR 2009

Too cold to go outside....

Mom can be weird sometimes..

oh, but there she is!

owned by 2 scotties... how weird!? a labrador always keeps you warm... toujours à l'écoute! n'ai je pas grandi? je prends sagement la pose... et l'invite à se joindre à moi sur cette chaise longue... MAIS JE VEILLE!!!!! la garde écossaise


don't laugh! what do I do now???'s still winter, we're not allowed to stay outside...

Cledwyn is always looking for an opportunity...

to annoy or cuddle someone!!!

In the end, we end up on the couch...well, on Mom, who is on the couch!!!

so comfortable!!! are you having a nic rest Lelia??? what could I do??? so, let's prepare spring! tu vas m'aider oui???


My sister likes to have her picture taken...

Christmas at my grandparents

Looking after the girsl

I love my girls! 3 lovely dogs: Prannoch, Cledwyn and their aunt Lelia Garden watch... Am I close enough????

checking toys' stocks! and...well...she bought me a sweater!!!! I was regal's be sleepy! let's be....regal! I don't want to go back there!!!!please!!!! optimization of space! wonderful position!!! I recommend it! Support de l'écossais:! Prannoch & Selene

See you soon! Prannoch's moral support.... Prannoch & Selene after having redecorated the place.. il en a du toupet!!!! qui veut VRAIMENT me rencontrer!!! un nouveau voisin????!!!!! chose glisse!!!!





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