YEAR 2010

I love my baby sister      and she loves me back


Lelia.enjoys the sofa before we came along...


but we are comfortable though...     Cledwyn has to fight for room among the labradors...     

crual turtle hunt!  


it's a draw... yes, I do love snow!!!    

Cledwyn is quiet and thoughtful..sometimes!! I love my girls! 3 lovely dogs: Prannoch, Cledwyn and their aunt Lelia Garden watch... Am I close enough????

checking toys' stocks! and...well...she bought me a sweater!!!! I was regal's be sleepy! let's be....regal! I don't want to go back there!!!!please!!!! optimization of space! wonderful position!!! I recommend it! Support de l'écossais:! Prannoch & Selene

See you soon! Prannoch's moral support.... Prannoch & Selene after having redecorated the place.. il en a du toupet!!!! qui veut VRAIMENT me rencontrer!!! un nouveau voisin????!!!!! chose glisse!!!!





Copyright Š 2010. au milieu des joujous!!! surrounded by toys!!