Year 2003

Anne, mother anne....

A quiet year, shows.....Anne said I acted like a fool with Lélia....

US??? Acting like crazy dogs???                  No shows..huh??!!!

So, I'm just having peaceful time under a spring sun!!!

Let's enjoy spring sun!!!      Even better in the grass....    

But I don't forget to do my duties!!!

Hunting for the monster.....         I'm a digger, not a joker...

I dig and dig again..whatever Lelia thinks about it!!!

Sounds like it's dinner time....         But ok...I stand in you arm one second, for the pic!!  

Just like Elliot, I'm very fond of those flowers!

Look at the way I handle this.....

Magic Prannoch   No Lelia, you won't take it!!!    Told ya!!

What was she thinking??? We take nothing away from a scottish!!

Meanwhile..My mother and I were published twice in GSM, thanks to joseph Harvill!!!

First part of my history!!   And september!  

You can read our article in Mac World!!!!

AToday, grandpa cut the grass.!! I helped gathering all the cut grass!!!!

I'm really helpful in the garden!!         Wasn't I supposed to???    

What do you mean by "having a bath"???   

Roxane came this summer, she was helpful, howling with us to remind Anne..

Not to forget dinner time!!!!!

but after dinner..a good nap in front of the Tv is always welcome!!

humpf....not that comfortable.;is it???       is mommy looking at me???

today..we went to the beach as the tourists are ..finally, almost gone!!

Mmpfm....the wind in my..beard.....    Staring at the sea.... humpf....SO comfortable on my bed!!!!! Ca vient oui?????on a faim!!!! Comment ça prendre un bain???? quel travail en tout cas!!!

it's dinner time!! you're late...we're starving... Oh well, good job anyway!!! Martine et son oeuvre!


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