I was born on April, 17 2004, I met Quisoris soon afterwards Quisoris and we became friends very quickly....I was even staying in his stall......

            Quisoris & Qualisson au box en  1104   2 buddies    Even in the meadows    Can I drink now???   


Now, Quisoris has left us and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge but he asked me to take care of his mom, Anne.

My name is Qualisson

I'm 8 months old on the picture below... Even among the mares...I'm the closest one to Kiki!!!


Que le sol est bas.....

I have grown a lot these days..look, I'm eleven months old now!!!!

I'm tall....!!!!!   his Highness Qualisson with his mom  Farah   and his aunt  Inès Que le sol est bas.....

I'm one year old now...and I've changed a LOT!!!!!

  Windy mane       et maintenant????

looking towards the future btw....Here is my father with my human mom, his name is AHINOA, he is at the national breeding center of Hennebont

It is October now.....I'm 18 months old....

Here I am in september 2006!!! October sun....

big boy now!!!


Does it look like I'm kidding??? Can't I just eat peaceully??

You can learn more about me on my own site, shared with Quisoris

Please consider signing the petition below for french horses!!


you're such a beauty:! A look filled with promises... Ain't I a gorgeous guy????

See you soon!!!



         Ondine, la caniche toy Lélia, the labrador Fanzie, the poodle My poodle uncle Régate, american cocker


The ones gone at the Rainbow Bridge

Nuage Mon frère chat           Fanzie, the poodle     Quisoris     Elliot...my 1st scotty

Roxane, the other labrador


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