A grooming day, Anne came to Michèle's place to pick me with her mother to show her a czesky....her mother did not even looked at the lady czesky!!!

On the other hand, we came back to Brittany with a puppy, an american cocker!!!

Régate was born on december, 25th 2000

I have no teddy bear!

I think she's really the match sister for Fanzie as she also had, apparently, a past life as a mailman!!!

She was to seat as a goddess in Anne's parents'place..

She tends to fall asleep when she's supposed to have her picture taken.....

it's so tiring tobe a model

But well, she gets on well with everybody!

She is quite posh though...

An autograph??

And she wants to get attention from everywhere..what is she thinking??!!! she's not even a scottie!!!??

I wanna be on the picture with Prannoch!

Well, she's an happy little dog!!

Where 2 fit......

she even steals MY toys!!!

We have walks together from time to time...but she ALWAYS want her picture to be taken!!!


She has a new friend she gets along with ....finally!!!!!

I luv King Kong!!!!

you can also see her on a video of's MY site after all..scotties do not like their thunder stolen!!!

Regate has a new friend...ho looks like MY Selene...but who is called Bagheera!

She still has hermonkey to torture..

that makes her...happy?? my new black friend! my best figure!!! if the labs thought they could have the sofa for themselves... lyou can read happinesss in my eyes...can't you????


      Quisoris My horse brother


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