My ancestors are from the Aberdeen area in the scottish Highlands


the moors of Rannoch Moors of Rannoch

My ancestors where Nessie's friends..

   An ancestor of mine with his friend!

 On the shores of this Loch, you find wonderful places,

Urqhart castle

   Urqhart castle   The same ancestor guarding his castle "ghost-free"

Eilean Donan Castle is you get to the West

Eilean donan Castle

At Dunrobin, on the edge of the North Sea,

    Dunrobin castle

Dunstaffanage's castle

    Dunstaffanage castle

In our simplest castle, you may have the strong feeling that there is an ectoplasmic activity..just when you look by the window..

  Duns' castle

 With such an environment and such friends, is it necessary to say that our character is quite strong and that we are made just as human beings of Scotland.

   An ancestor with ...William Wallace!!

Scotsmen had to fight a lot in the past, mainly for their independance. It's a recent fact that Scotland has its own parliament, with limited power.

William Wallace was one of the first scotman to raise an army against english  domination and you can see a monument dedicated to his glory

  William Wallace's monument

This monument is close from the castle of Stirling, the place where William Wallace had his first victory against Edward "Longshanks" :

"The trouble with Scotland is that it is full of scots"



La licorne écossaise..opposée au lion anglais... Stirling castle

Scottish warriors were living with celtic culture that still exists nowadays.

  Flute player

 TheThistle is the symbol of Scotland Blessed thistle Blessed thistle . This one is said to have saved scotsmen from an invasion of Norsemen (those ones were attacking by night and were quite surprised to walk among  such naughty flowers..

 The Thistle also symbolizes the resistance to..the english rose

   Scotland was saved!!!   

Traditionnal scottish dances are still present nowadays and they are a part of the Scottish culture that makes Scotland such an unforgettable place...just like me!!!


But, first of all, Scotland is a patchwork of tartans,  as many tartans as there are clans!

   A few tartans

  Now, you know where my fiery behavior come from, as well as my wonderful appearence!!!

               With such roots, how could it have been different....


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