A long time ago, our appearance was so different of the one you love us for now...check by yourself!!

   The first terrier of Scotland

     We were used for "work" at that time as we were hunting animals qualified as unwilled by human beings... 

      The shape of our tail were allowing our masters to pull us out of the terrier quite easily.. 

        The 5 breed of terriers from Scotland known now have the same ancestor from the area of the moors of Rannoch.

The heirs...

       Those 5 breeds are the following ones : the scottish terrier, the West Highland white terrier, the Cairn Terrier, the Dandie Dinmont and the Skye terrier. 

3 of the 5 terriers from Scotland

     Scotland was actually a country in which communication was hard to establish. That's why several areas developped their special kind of terrier.

Already this particular look

       The Aberdeen terrier is a low- to- ground dog, with short legs, with a thick coat made of two layers. A harsh coat and a soft undercoat. 

The ancestors of them all

      Although the first dog show was in 1859, we had to wait for 20 years before our standard was 1879 precisely! 

     Since then, our appearence was well worked out so that we became those famous dogs that you know nowadays!!!  

        How many dog breed can be proud of being the logo of jewels, clothes..or even whisky??? 

the perfect scotty..ME!!! Prannoch..LE scottish terrier Prannoch, THE scottish terrier

    Our wonderful look has to be worked out properly though, that means we require quite a lot of grooming!! 

        But with this appearence, we still hunt for unwanted beings...

Where do you think you are going??

       The way we look and the grooming we require does not make us so quiet...don't imagine us as a good old dog!!!

Aye wee Lady!



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