Year 1999

I was born on February, 13th.

I was a very smart puppy but...I had to be chosen!!!

Wasn't that the sweetest look you could give to someone???



One day, my "mother to be" was put in the middle of us all....

Anne among my litter

After having eliminated the competition, that was our first touch!!!!

the 1st touch


I decided to do my best to impress Anne so I showed her what an intrepid highlander I was by making a huge exploration...under the supervision of a grown-up....

Baby Prannoch..the great highlander

I was so irresistible....that I was the chosen one!!

The one

I had found a mother and she had found the dog of her life!!!!

Not less than that!!!

The dogof her life

But after such an afternoon spent on impressive explorations....

I had to have a little nap on a nice cushion!! Don't forget I was a puppy....

Let's have a nap...

I was to see her again in my new home...

Then, at the end of april, I was finally with Anne, in Fontainebleau!

At home...finally

After such a dreaful trip from the Perche, I finally had the ability to have a long rest in my brand new cushion.

I had the feeling I would feel comfortable in here, you could even scratch your back on nice carpets!

Let's roll

We went to Brittany to see my uncle and my aunts..I made a major discovery!!!

The ocean gets you wet!!!

Mom, I'm all wet!

But, the fact is that you can not be a puppy during your whole life..... Pictures from 2004 Pictures year 2003



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