YEAR 2005

why changing habbits when they are THAT good!!???     

I live with Anne and Nuage now....no more with my beloved Lelia..

just like russians dolls!!!!

but..I do see her VERY often!!!!!!!

I have decided to get specialized in ...sofas!!!!

See by yourself...

First on...ok! premier canapé du jour   unusual..but GREAT!!!!   humpf...common...   on top of things....   any suggestion.?????   oops...dangerous one....

Lélia helps me when I get to see her at my grand parents' place!!!

She has years of experience!!!

Lélia has always supported me...

With such a warm weather.....you gotta find a strategic ..as well as a cool....place where to lie!!!!

what is the strategical inerest here?   ok..I see Mom and it's comfortable!  

September, 1st...just watching if my garden is stranger-free!!!

yeap Mom, I'm on watch!   vision range..100%   Colonel Prannoch at your service Mom PARFAIT!!!!! Lélia est toujours confortable....

I deserve a little break now......

I work on dealing with stress....

but I still visit my labrador's aunties !!

Nap time!

and here comes Halloween...

Winter is here...but there are many walks to do with my aunts!!!


annnnd.....a rest !!!!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

  Let's keep an eye open ..in case there are more gifts!!!!! May you have a Merry Christmas

sigh..life is hard have you seen all my girls??? Prannoch, Lelia, Roxan et Regate what Jack O Lantern???!! Breathing...in..and out... THAT is REST!!! the PERFECT strategic position!

See you soon!!!!!! just like russians dolls!!!! my little black baby....

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