Year 2002

After a peaceful year, I was about to go back to shows. As Anne and I had left the pollution of Paris to come to live in Brittany to be closer to my family mates, I changed, again, my groomer. Martine Gourmelon, Clan des Celtes breeding, was, and still is, a perfect one.

I as beginning the season with a show in Lanester.

Anne, with a ruined foot, was with me on the ring again...

Prannoch strikes back

Then,..... Dr Parson was attribuating to me the RCACS!!!!

I was quite proud of myself....

I won the cup.....

After this succesful day, we went to Château Gonthier, I was at the 3rd place, qualified excellent.

then came the time of the CACIB......tougher competition!!!

In Orléans, I had the 4th place, qualified excellent (M. Monseau), the day after, in Charleroi, Belgium, I had the 3rd place...2 shows in a row during a WE...what an idea!!!???

Those 2 competitions had been exhausting, so, I offered myself the rest of the terrier...

Don't I deserve a big big nap?

Right now, I've not been in any other show but St Brieuc is not that far!

So, let's see ....... Pictures from 2004 Pictures year 2003


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